Edit Elgg header

How to change header Elgg 1.8 

How to change header Elgg 1.8

Open the file


And change this code

.elgg-page-default .elgg-page-header > .elgg-inner {
width: 990px;
margin: 0 auto;
height: 90px;

Header Elgg 1.8

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16 Responses to “Edit Elgg header”

  1. martin says:

    Hello, great help thank you.

    Can you tell me how to include a logo as well as the site name please please

    Thank You

  2. martin says:

    You are actually a legend, thank you
    Do you know how i can remove certain tabs? like files or pages?
    Do you know how i can rename these tabs? e.g. files to documents etc
    Also how to edit the pages, e.g in bookmarks where it says add a bookmark, to the left of that, in the middle of the site on that grey line i would also like to write "this is the bookmarks page please share your interesting and helpful sites here blah blah"

    Any help much appreciated thank you thank you,

  3. martin says:


  4. JPardee says:

    how can i remove the friends icon in the topbar next to the messages icon, i know they are both sprites and i got the messages one but how get ride of the friends icon in the topbar, i cant seem to to find the code and i know its in core

  5. ryan says:

    I really appreciate that you want to help people with Elgg. Your way works temporarily, but it'd be much more beneficial for your viewers if you showed them how to build plugins to modify the core, instead of actually modifying the core. Actually modifying the core isn't a good idea since the next update will remove what you did. Also it just isn't "Elgg" to modify the core, becaus it can have adverse reactions such as destroying an install. Users aren't expecting that nor do they want it. Maybe you could show people how to make themes the elgg way? Best of luck to you and your blog.

  6. Sabin says:

    Thanks, it was a great help.

  7. Enes says:


    I Replaced the code in layout.php
    height 90px to 300px but my header wont be resized.

    I tried it on other browsers and no one will show me the header in 250px?

    Can any body help me?

    Thanks and sorry for my english

  8. tocadontme says:

    hi, i am new to elgg, and i whant to simply delete the header. i find the the top bar is good if you just modify it to be a bit bigger.
    so where is the code that generated the header and all the content within it.
    thx fore the help, realy love this community

    • pianist says:

      Usually, just need to delete this code:

      <div class="elgg-page-header">
      <div class="elgg-inner">
      <?php echo $header; ?>

      In views\default\page\default.php

      But be careful, you'll can lost all links on the menu like as: Activity, Blogs, Bookmarks etc

      You must replace it on topbar.

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